A big hello to the newest members of our team…

We just wanted to introduce you to some of our new team members. 

Fozia Drysdale is our new Service Manager Young Parents

Will be helping us make a difference to even more young parents and children. She’ll be sniffing out new opportunities and inspiring the rest of the team into action.

Fozia’s background is in probation and group work. She has lots of experience of working with men involved in domestic abuse and their families.  

Now, she’ll be using this experience and focusing her energy on the challenge of helping younger parents and seeing what difference earlier help can make to families.

When she’s not working, in various yoga positions or sleeping, she can be found running around after her two children.

Petra Goebbels is our new Supervised Child Contact Centre Co-ordinator.

Works closely with the families who use our Contact Centre – Jigsaw. She makes sure everything is running smoothly and also supervises many of the family contact sessions.

Petra’s background is in social work, psychosocial counselling and mediation. She worked in a medical practice for psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents and in a feminist child welfare centre for girls in Germany.  

She’s also busy studying for her PhD degree in Health and Social Care and loves taking care of her two pet mice.

Petra is working part-time at St. Michael’s as a maternal leave cover.

Sarah Younger is our new Communications and Development Officer.

Is helping us blow our own trumpet and celebrate some of the incredible work our teams do with disadvantaged families and young parents.

Sarah’s got a background in journalism, marketing and worked in a local government Children’s Service for eight years, before taking a bit of time off to look after the three small children.

When she is not trying to get everyone at St Michael’s to have their photo taken (we are a shy lot), she can be found driving her children about, on her bike or, in the holidays, learning to surf. She says this makes her sound very sporty which is very misleading.


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