3-Phase residential practice

The Three Phased Approach was begun at one of our houses two years ago and is now embedded in our residential practice.

Phase One (two to three weeks) is purely observational. This means we do not intervene, offer advice or teaching or feedback on the parenting. This gives us the opportunity to get to know the family and build professional relationships; and to observe what the parent does well (strengths) and what the parent struggles with (difficulties). It also gives us the opportunity to see if a parent can learn from their own mistakes and rectify them. The only interventions would be if the child was at immediate risk of harm.

Phase Two (eight weeks) focuses on support and teaching, particularly the areas of difficulty identified in Phase One. We use this phase to work alongside parents to bring about change; we use role modelling. We use frequent dialogue with the parent or parents and include parents’ ideas to problem solve.

Phase Three (two to three weeks) is again observational. We are looking in this final stage to identify the parent has capacity to change and is able to implement into their parenting some of the teaching and support provided.

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