Photography Exhibition at the Black Cultural Archives

Our young parents group have taken part in an extensive photography course and their work is being displayed throughout July. The exhibition will open on July 4th and will be open for public viewing up untill the 15th.

Pop into the cafe at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton to see the fabulous work from our talented young parents. You wont be let down! For more information, click here.

Supporting young parents

We are dedicated to supporting young parents in Lambeth, helping them be the best parent they can be and making sure they know someone is there for them. 

Last year, the outreach team worked on a one to one basis with 51 pregnant teenagers, 102 young mothers and 40 young fathers. We also ran open weekly groups at Children's Centres around Lambeth.

“You have been a passionate support worker who does more than just support.  You have instilled qualities that will remain with me for life.”

Cook Up Group

Cook Up Group for young parents in Lambeth

Free weekly cook up group for parents

Cook Up is a free weekly drop in group which welcomes all young parents and their children. 

Each week, we make something different using straightforward recipes and easy to obtain ingredients which are great value for money.

Healthy nutritious meals on a budget 

Learn how to prepare healthy nutritious meals from scratch and enjoy them with the group. It is a chance for you to make friends over lunch and for your children to socialise. 

Isabelle's Story

Isabelle was 19, with a nine-month old daughter. Originally from Jamaica, she’d come to England as a 14-year old. Her dream was to be a legal secretary. But she’d attended a course where she had to hand in her passport, which she could not get returned. Her passport subsequently expired meaning that she had overstayed in the UK and her application for indefinite leave to remain had been turned down. Whilst she was appealing the decision, she lived with her mother and stepfather in a tiny room where her baby had no space to play.

Free Safety Gates

As soon a baby can crawl, safety gates should be installed at the top and bottom of stairs. 

St Michael's can provide a range of free safety equipment for the home, including safety gates. Equipment may be available to young families in Southwark and Lambeth with children aged 0-5 years. 

If you'd like to find out more, contact a member of the Outreach team on 020 8835 9570 or email admin@stmichaelsfellowship.org.uk

Young dad - John's Story

John is 18 and a young dad. He has a four-month baby. He’s separated from the 18-year old mother because of his domestic violence.

His child was the subject of a child protection plan under the category of neglect, initially as an unborn child when John assaulted his four-week pregnant partner.

John lives with his mother and his two younger siblings. John’s father did not play an active role in his life but he has vivid recollections of his father when he was young, and the domestic violence he and his mother were subjected to.  

Maxine's Story

Maxine when we met her

Maxine is an 18-year old mother with a seven month old daughter. Maxine was a looked after child because her mother was an alcoholic who neglected and harmed her. As a young adolescent, Maxine was sexually exploited by older men and had poor mental health. She was a heavy cannabis user. Before her baby was born, Maxine suffered domestic violence from the father and her baby was placed on a child protection plan.

Thank you to all our supporters in 2016

Thank you! Your support has changed the lives of local children and families. 

“St Michael’s helped me to be open and confident, to say ‘I can do this, regardless of how old I am, how immature I was in the past, I can be a great dad!’”

We’ve been able to help 51 pregnant teenagers, 102 young mothers and 40 young fathers to give their new baby the best possible start in life.