Swim the channel - avoiding jellyfish and ferries

What makes you decide to swim the channel? To cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and what does it do to you? Add to that, its 34 km of sea and the furthest you’ve ever swam is 2 miles! And, you are due to swim it in two months. How does this work!  

“More people climb Mount Everest than swim the channel solo,” says Tina Campbell who is swimming the channel to raise money for St Michaels. She then tells me and that her team are doing it the easy way, by doing it in relay. But she quickly adds “It doesn’t feel like the easy way.”

Taking Caring Dads to Estonia

St Michael's has been helping spread the successful Caring Dads programme in Europe. Last month, our outreach manager Elaine Gaskell-Mew and Dermot Brady from Kingston University were in Estonia training other European practitioners on how to run their own Caring Dads programme.

The training took place over three days and involved the delegates demonstrating and delivering their own sessions. Elaine said:

Tessa Baring CBE

Tessa Baring CBE - Patron and Former Chair of St Michael's

"Sadly, we report the death of Tessa Baring," writes St Michael's Director Sue Pettigrew OBE. 

"We have so much to thank her for; she was intimately involved in the growth of St Michael’s from a single project to a number of services, and with the development of a management structure. 

"No other work like it!" says deputy manager

When we said we needed help with recruitment and letting people know what the benefits of working for St Michael’s are, our deputy manager, Hannah said she’d help. She works in one of our Family Assessment Centres and wants more people to know how important the work we do is. Here she explains how she’s making a difference to families lives and developing with us professionally. Thanks Hannah.

Outstanding again

We are excited to annouce that one of our Family Residential Assessment Centres has been recognised as Outstandinng by Ofsted. 

A huge congratualtions to the whole team at Crawford house. It's one of four Family assessment centres we run in South London - two of the others are also outstanding with another good with outstanding features. Everyone is super proud of what they have achieved. 

What Ofsted had to say

Ofsted praised its leadership and described it as ‘forward thinking and ambitious for the children and parents.’  

Storytelling and how it helps children

Storytelling at Friday Young Parents Group

Storytelling was a great session. We discussed how storytelling can benefit our children; basic speech skills; stronger parent-child relationship; strong sense of identity; encourage logical thinking, reading and communication skills; preparation for school and academic success, socialising. 

Parents were then asked to write  their own story - the response was fantastic.

Caring Dads is back

Our Caring Dads programme is now open to both younger and older dads in Lambeth.

It starts on Wednesday 30th Jan and runs for 17 weeks. This programme is now FULL but referrals can be accepted for the next group (start date TBC). The programme is currently free for all dads living in Lambeth and for fathers of children living in Lambeth. 

Student from Sussex joins us for work experience

University of Sussex has sent us another student gem for work experience.

Anna, 19,  is studying for her foundation year of social sciences. 

It was great to give her a bit of insight into what happens here and the impact of the work we do. With just a little guidance from us, she was off scheduling our social media, writing up webpages and sorting out the photo library.  

Here's what she had to say: