Caring Dads is back

Our Caring Dads programme is now open to both younger and older dads in Lambeth.

It starts on Wednesday 30th Jan and runs for 17 weeks. This programme is now FULL but referrals can be accepted for the next group (start date TBC). The programme is currently free for all dads living in Lambeth and for fathers of children living in Lambeth. 

Student from Sussex joins us for work experience

University of Sussex has sent us another student gem for work experience.

Anna, 19,  is studying for her foundation year of social sciences. 

It was great to give her a bit of insight into what happens here and the impact of the work we do. With just a little guidance from us, she was off scheduling our social media, writing up webpages and sorting out the photo library.  

Here's what she had to say:

Help us support more families

Please help us to support more families. 

Our work helps mums and dads to be the best possible parent.  It means that children have the best chance in life. The chance for a better childhood than their parents had.  A healthier, happier and brighter future. 

Support more families, breaking cycles of disadvantage

We believe that no child should be disadvantaged because of the circumstances of their birth.  With your help, we can continue to do this. Small or large, all your gifts help. 

It could help with  

Young mums want to know about us sooner

Young mums, who come to our young parents groups, told us they wished they had known about St Michael's sooner. 

The mums also talked about how they felt isolated and judged at play groups with older mothers.

"I used to go to a lot of baby groups but they like more for older people, we’d talk about babies and labour and then we would have nothing else to talk about.”

One happy dad makes contact

Jigsaw Contact Centre got a glowing report from one of our dads last week. 

We think our Jigsaw Contact Centre is pretty special, it's good to hear this kind of feedback from one of the dads that uses it to see his children.

"My feedback is 100% positive. All the staff are amazing and made me feel comfortable all the time... At times it's been difficult to arrange a time that's suits all, Petra has been very patient with us and always has done her best to find a solution. You always made me feel at ease and made contact enjoyable.