Who Uses Jigsaw

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Lots of different families make use of our Jigsaw Centre to spend precious time with their children and relatives. Here are some examples of the types of situations families find themselves in. 

A dad wanting to build a relationship with his baby daughter 

When Marcus found out that he was the father of a nine month old baby girl called Poppy, he was no longer in a relationship with the birth mother. The baby’s mother was unable to care for Poppy who was in a foster placement. 

Marcus was desperate to build a relationship with his daughter and become a loving and responsible full time father. Supervised contact at Jigsaw was the first step. 

As his daughter met him regularly, she transformed from a screaming baby scared of being separated from the foster carer to a child familiar with her father and curious to build a bond. Our reports to court and professionals confirmed, with many examples, how well Marcus could look after his daughter and he became her legal guardian within six months.

Young first time parents and care leavers needing support

Elaine and Jashar are young first time parents. Both are care leavers and Social Services have been involved with their families for a number of years. Jashar has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and Elaine has mild learning difficulties.

They've been through a difficult time which resulted in them becoming homeless. Their baby Sara is in foster care and they see her at Jigsaw twice a week.

Recently their relationship difficulties increased and they no longer have joint contact. However, separate contact with their daughter seems to work well - both Elaine and Jashar focus better on Sara and her needs and are forming a stronger relationship with her.




A struggling young mother battling alcoholism sees her daughter twice a week

Tanisha, aged 17, and her daughter Kaneesha, aged one, lived with Tanisha’s mum for the last year but the things did not work out and they had to move out. Tanisha had difficulties with alcohol misuse and could no longer look after her daughter on full time basis so her mother agreed to look after the grandchild until her daughter gets support for her alcohol use.

Social Services suggested that Tanisha has supervised contact twice a week. Kaneesha enjoys spending time with her mum. 

A mother trying to prove she can look after her older children

Samira is undertaking a residential assessment with her young baby Lilly. She is allowed contact with her older child, Adam, who lives with a foster carer. Adam was removed from mother’s care because Samira and his father used to fight a lot. Samira has learnt a lot about parenting in the residential assessment centre. She and the father are now separated and he is getting help to manage his anger. The court decided she should be given a chance to care for her older child too so Samira will see more of Adam until it is decided if Adam can live with her again. Adam loves his little sister and often says "She is mine". He gives her hugs and kisses in the contact. Samira is proud of her son and looks forward to seeing him.

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