Katie – lonely and depressed after giving birth

I had not long given birth and labour was hectic and I was emotionally detached.  I felt unsupported and alone sometimes.

I was recommended a support worker from St Michael’s – she helped me with coping mechanisms.

It has been a good experience because I got to meet people like me.  The workers gave another perspective of having children and told me things that I didn’t know.  I listened to the opinions of my peers and the workers and was able to have my opinions listened to.  My eyes and heart were opened to other options on how we should talk to and treat our children.

I have been given various ideas of food to cook.  I am more attentive to my child – before I didn’t want to play because I didn’t really understand that play was a way of learning.  I think I’m a better mum. 

I never feel judged and it is nice to have people with level heads who understand what I’m going through on a mum to mum level. 

I was really angry with the dad of my child but I now have no resentment as it is not helping me or my child to be angry. I now understand that it’s not everything we are going to agree on and it is ok to disagree.  The relationship with my child has improved because I have to learn that I shouldn’t let stresses impact how I behave toward my child and my child comes first.

I know someone who was angry all the time. She started coming to the group and after a few times she wasn’t angry anymore.  She got along with people and didn’t seem as stressed with her child.

You guys have helped a lot of people. You have even helped people make friends.  Some people have friends and when they have a baby their friends disappear.

Katie [name changed] received 121 support and attended our 2020 online weekly group for young parents

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