Being Dad online course

Being Dad is a 4-week online course designed for first time young dads and those expecting their first child. 

Who is it for 

The new online course has been designed by the team behind the Caring Dads programme. It was developed to meet the needs of young dads under 25 years.

This is an early intervention programme designed to reduce the risks of children being exposed to domestic abuse. Being online the course is much more accessible for young dads taking out the travel element which sometimes stops them from attending groups outside their areas. 

How does it work

The young dads work as a group and go on a guided journey to new fatherhood. It can be a very difficult time for young dads, they can be unsure what to do or how to fit in. How we prepare them and treat them will set them up to be the parents Young mothers are often much more supported than young dads. We want to change thi, give them a voice and show them what a good dad is.

One of our young father practitioners said that for some young dads walking into a room full of professionals can feel like "walking into a trap." We want to help them understand what is happening and what they should expect. This way we can build better working relationships between professionals and young dads and the mothers of their children. 

What it includes 

The online course will give them: 

An opportunity to talk to other young dads,
Prepare and share their hopes and fears:
Work out where they fit in and 
What they can bring as a Dad.

They will be covering these topics with young fathers practitioners from St Michael's and Newham Council. 

  • Introduction and defining fathering
  • Fathers as part of the child’s family and families supports
  • Things are changing and it’s out of my control
  • Changes and the impact on relationships
  • Learning to put the child first
  • Understanding my child’s mother and how I can support her
  • How to be a child-centred, cooperative and supportive parent and not go it alone. 

If you would like a refer a dad onto the programme please contact us

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