Free Safety Equipment for Young Families

We can offer a range of free safety equipment for young families in Lambeth to help keep their 0-5 year old safe. 

Someone can visit your home to identify potential risks for your child, and we'll provide you with some safety aids to reduce these risks. 

Equipment you could receive:  

  • Anti-slip bath mats: to stop your child from slipping underwater or falling over in the bath 
  • Smoke alarms: to make sure no one sleeps through a fire 
  • Window locks: we can even send someone to fit locks on your windows Accidents from climbing and falling out of windows are the most common reason young children visit A&E.
  • Stair gates: to prevent your child from crawling, rolling or falling down the stairs.

Children develop and grow rapidly. From tiny babies to rolling, crawling and toddling, different stages cause different risks. We also provide safety booklets. These explain the different risks children face at their different stages of development, as babies, toddlers and children. 

If you would like any more information, or are interested in receiving free equipment, speak to your support worker or call St Michael’s Fellowship on 020 8835 9570. Child Safety Week is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust [^].

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