"A Service of Exceptional Quality"

Our residential family assessment and support service has received yet another Outstanding from Ofsted. 
In the report, the inspector notes:

"The centre excels in its involvement in research, which is having an impact on families within the centre, the organisation, the locality and nationally. The organisation has an exceptional commitment to tackling issues. The organisation is widely respected by a significant range of professionals and agencies. There is national recognition of the organisation’s work. This was exemplified when the responsible individual recently received an honour for their work with families. 

"The centre offers a safe space for young women to explore their past and the impact of their violent or abusive relationships. The way of working positively minimises any unnecessary risks to children’s safety and welfare. Parents learn the importance of safeguarding themselves and their children. Staff are highly attuned to issues due to the extensive level of research-based safeguarding and child protection training.

"Final reports are analytical, significantly research-informed, and relevantly reference social theories and serious case reviews."

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