Norwood School Wins £250 for Us

Great work today from a team of four students at The Norwood School has won £250 for St Michael's Fellowship and helped more people to hear about our work. 

The four visited St Michael's earlier in the year to learn about our work, then put together their own presentation based on what they'd found out. They had to be knowledgeable, passionate, engaging, creating and collaborative - and persuade their classmates that St Michael's was most deserving of their support. Having done that, they were through to the final.

The final was a 7-way pitch, with all the teams delivering compelling presentations for their own chosen charities. 

The Judges who included the sponsors, a school governor, head of year 9 and the head boy, then chose three winners - and St Michael's was thrilled to be one. 

The Awards which takes place in secondary schools in London, are a programme run by the charity First Give

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