Young parents groups this Autumn

Our Lambeth young parents groups are back on for Autumn. Our groups give young parents a safe and welcoming place to come with their children. They won't be judged and our team will be on hand if they have any problems or need help. 

"I didn’t say anything for ages, but I listened.  It helped with the depression.  Then one day, after a particular conversation, Michelle [the young parent practitioner] said to me, “I can see you have issues.”  I started to speak and I went on and on.  You couldn’t shut me up."

"I was never judged.  Michelle told me when she didn’t agree with me, but I didn’t feel like an idiot.  You do take the advice… I’ve learned to do that." A young mum who first came to St Micheal's five years ago when she was 16. 

New and expectant mums group 

On Tuesdays we run a free weekly drop in group for expectant young parents, and young parents with newborns and babies up to 12 months.

It's a friendly space to find out more about pregnancy, birth and the needs of your newborn.  Everyone has questions, and there's a chance to hear other people's concerns - they may be the same as yours!.

Topics covered include relationships, childcare, feelings, hormones, labour, child development, benefits and housing. It's a relaxed environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute but no one is pressured to do so. 

  • From 2pm-4pm 
  • The Brixton Windmill, Blenheim Gardens 

Cook up Group 

It's a free weekly drop in on Thursdays where young parents can learn how to prepare healthy nutritious meals from scratch and enjoy them with the group. It is a chance for you to make friends over lunch and for your children to socialise too.

  • From 1pm to 3pm 
  • Stockwell Children's Centre, Stockwell Road SW9 9TG

Diva Group - women only 

DiVa is a confidential space for young women who are experiencing difficult relationships - or who have experienced difficult relationships in the past - to talk and get advice.

"I travelled all the way from [west London] to come back to the DiVA group because the other mothers can understand me and not judge me." DiVa participant

  • 10am - 12 noon
  • Thursdays. 

Friday Group 

On Fridays young parents share a delicious hot meal and find out more about how their child is growing and how they can give them the best support. Children love this group too - they get to play together and try lots of different toys and activities. 

  • Brockwell Park One O'Clock Club, Brockwell Park 
  • From 10.30am - 2.30 pm on Fridays.

To find out more, contact the outreach team on 020 8835 9570 or email


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