World Well-Being Week 2020

World Well-Being Week 2020

Last week was #worldwellbeingweek - but what exactly is well-being?

Well-being is about our health and overall happiness. Lots of different parts of our lives can affect our well-being such as:

  • Illness/health 
  • Family worries 
  • Money problems 
  • Mental health 
  • Lonliness 

Why is our well-being important?

Our well-being is important because it can affect our everyday lives. Our mood, the way we react and our actions. 

Just as we know it is important to look after one another, it is also important to remember to look after you.

2020 well-being

2020 has not been the easiest of years, mainly because of the pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Also because of other things going on in the world, like the unjust killing of George Flloyd and the rise in needed conversations around the Black Lives Matter movement. 

How can we improve our well-being?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to bring new things into our lives - so we can just keep it simple.

Our 5 senses:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste

Can be used as a basis to boost our well-being. 

Use them as well-being reminder ideas.


Sight Ideas

1. Colouring - it isn't just for kids! 'Colour Me Calm' is a range of colouring books for adults to help relax & calm down. 

2. Drawing/painting - seeing and exploring colour by being creative can be a great way to also get off our phones.

3. Reading - books/magazines that are not just kid's books! Just 10 mins before bed can help with sleep...instead of scrolling.

4. Get outside - whether it is a walk, picnic, to do the food shop or go to the park - take in your surroundings & you might see things you had not before. 

5. TV/Catch Up - something that you want to watch. Maybe something funny if you're not in a good mood, or anything about nature/animals by David Attenborough is always a favourite. 

6. See family/friend - from a safe distance we can now see some of our family or friends we haven't seen in a long time. Just seeing someone you care about can make you feel so much better and less alone.

Hearing Ideas

1. Music - music can be very healing, it can boost your mood or allow you to feel things or cry - which is not always a bad thing!

2. Podcast - podcasts are a great way to learn, laugh or switch off - whatever the mood there is something for you.

3. Spoken word/poetry - there are lots on choose from on YouTube about a variety of things.

4. Call - hearing someone's voice that you care about/feel safe around is important. Listening to advice, hearing someone laugh or just chatting will help.

5. White-noise - bring nature to you! It may help you sleep, calm you down or help with a headache. The Sleep Meditation is a great one. 

6. Headspace - an app that provides: meditation series, helping to calm the mind, courses and more. At the moment Headspace Plus is free for anyone unemployed. 

7. Silence - listening to nothing in particular, but just being is often forgotten about. Especially if you are outside, just listen. 

Smelling Ideas 

1. Food - you could try a new/old recipe, with ingredients that smell good and excite your appetite.

2. Flowers - why not keep an eye out for some flowers to put in the house, they look and smell good.

3. Candle/incense - candles can help with feeling calmer: lavendar, clary sage, orange, rosemary, peppermint & frankincense.

4. Body products - body spray, after-shave, body creams can all smell good and make you feel that bit better.




Touching Ideas

1. Hug! - this has not been easy because of COVID-19, but where you can do. Human contact is so important and helps to relieve stress. 

2. Shower/bath - try to make your shower/bath time, no matter how short, a time to be present and relaxing.

3. Body products - whether it is make-up, our hair, male-grooming or body-creams, these are all experiences using touch. 

4. Cooking - cooking from scratch, when you can, is a good chance to feel different textures you wouldn't have felt otherwise. 

5. Make something - art/craft/knitting - anything!

Taste Ideas

1. Food - sweet, sour, savoury - everything! Some food that is meant to 'boost' your mood. 

2. Drink - herbal teas can be good helping fight illness or stress. 








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