Such a good feeling

Our Outreach manager saw first-hand last week the difference her team are making. Since this crisis started, they have been working tirelessly to find new ways of connecting and supporting the young parents and vulnerable families who come to their groups or receive one to one support. 

Last week she sent them an email to thank them for all that they have done since this crisis started. 

Dear team,

I was listening to radio 4 this morning, about a group of engineers who have been working to develop ventilators at speed. They were talking about how they have 'cut out the noise' and focused on what matters to achieve what would have taken months in 2 weeks.

They said that one of the great things to come out of the experience was the emergence of 'self-organising teams' working creatively to a common goal independent of top down micro-management. And I thought, 'Yup, I've got one of those already!' and thank God I have!

'Yet again' yesterday I accidentally burst into a Zoom group meeting when I was delivering food to a mum. This time she still had her phone in her hand- she didn't want to 'leave the meeting'. It was such a lovely feeling though, stumbling into the network of support you are creating, seeing first-hand the joy of 'being part of something' on this mum's face, and seeing you there.

I had spoken to the mum earlier in the day, about the food delivery and she had sounded quite down and a little overwhelmed with home education of her children. Now she was laughing and clearly feeling so different. It was 'just beautiful' as Sheila might say.

I am so grateful for the way you guys have stepped up your skills for your families, pulling professional love out of the virtual hat!

Thank you.


The picture above shows Elaine with some of the team at Friday Group before the current crisis began 

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