Our intern Sarah's experience at St Michael's

Sarah is an English Literature student from the University of Sussex. She has been working hard with us in our Communications department for the past 8 weeks - and will be very much missed!

Here Sarah talks about some of her time with us here at St Michael's Fellowship.

What did you get up to?

"I have been able to really get involved with creating content more specifically for the Jigsaw Contact Centre and Residentials. I also created a campaign for parents with learning difficulties, as well as making general 'evergreen' content which can be re-used in the future."

What did you take away from the experience?

"I have been able to learn what works and what doesn't in regards to appealing to different audiences. LinkedIn and Twitter are more aquisitional than Instagram and Facebook, so learning how to interact with different social media channels has been incredibly useful."

"Learning how to interact with different social media channels has been incredibly useful."

"There is a real importance with knowing the story behind why people are in need of St Michael's services. This helps with the charity's overall branding and making sure the message they want to give is clear."

"Realising how fundamental branding and communications are, communications can never be underestimated."

"As well as all of the skills specific to working within a charity, I have gained a wide variety of transferable skills such as being creative and the ability to be adaptable."

"I have gained a wide variety of transferable skills."

What was your experience like with the team?

"The Communications team, really is a one-woman-band and Sarah does the most amazing job. I really admire Sarah and Hillary's (Head of Fundraising) persistence in working hard to get content and funds."

"I will take away the persistence and dedication they showcase everyday."

What will you do after this?

"I am now off to work for 4 weeks at a summer camp, working with young children. I am then hoping to go on to complete my PGCE, where I can harness all I have learnt - particularly child development."

Thank you Sarah, we wish you all the best!

What would you like as main media?: