Make a nappy happy

Across South London there are nappies languishing in bottom drawers, under beds, at the bottom of bags and inside cupboards. Some of them will stay there for years. It’s a travesty - so we are having a nappy amnesty. 

Set your nappies free 

We have made it our mission to make sure no nappy is left behind this September - we want to give them a fresh start. That they all fulfil their promise of protecting clothes, sofas, carpets and cushioning bottoms. And that they do it for some of the most in-need local families we know.

This September we are asking all mums, dads, nanas, grandads, aunties, uncles, childminders, and, well, just about anyone with a reason to have a pack in their house, to set them free. We are also interested in donations of sanitary towls or tampons. 

Help parents struggling with poverty 

We will hand them out to young parents who are struggling to make ends meet and pop them in our Welcome Packs for the other families we work with. 

Our director Sue Pettigrew had this to say: 

"Nappies are very expensive and can add a lot onto a weekly budget. To support young parents and disadvantaged families we make up these wonderful Welcome Packs and Starter Kits which include things like pans, bedding, baby equipment, food, basic toiletries, cleaning products, and maybe some clothes. If the public help us by donating nappies it will mean we have money to spend on other essentials for the packs."  

Why should you bother? 

With your help we can make sure that more children and their familes feel supported. The people we work with don't always have family and friends to turn to, who can help them out. By taking part in our Nappy Amnesty you will be making sure your spare nappies (and sanitary products) are going to people who really, really need it and also helping us show them that someone does care about them. That there are people out there who want to give them the best chance to succeed.   

Drop off packets of nappies or donate 

Please drop off or post your nappies, tampons and sanitary towels at our head office: St Michael's Fellowship, 136 Streatham High Road, Streatham, SW16 1BW 

Each Welcome Pack we put together can cost upto £60, depending on the needs of the family. If you don't have any nappies hiding away please consider sending us a donation towards the Welcome Packs. You can do this via our donate page or by texting an amount like £10 to HIYA10£10 to 70070 (if you would like to donate a different amount, just adjust the amount after the pound sign). 

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