How does our Jigsaw Contact Centre work?

What is the usual procedure for a family coming to our Jigsaw Contact Service?


1. A family will be referred to St Michael's Fellowship.

2. Parents and child/children will be invited to come along for a visit to the centre.

3. Children are able to play with our range of toys/books while the parent and Elvedina can discuss any questions or queries.

4. Mum and dad are often given different times to arrive/drop-off the children in order to prevent any unnecessary tension.

5. The child/children and parent are able to relax in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, while Elvedina writes observations of the parent-child interaction. 

6. Observation notes are sent to both parents and social workers.

7. Observation notes are used in court to assist with helping a parent gain access to their child, or prohibition if nece