Fundraising for us now - nine London Marathon runners

Who's running for us and why?

Another way to help St Michael's - support our team now - help local families give their child the best possible chance in life.


The Marathon is now rescheduled to Sunday 4 October and we're holding all our runners' places. Help them to keep going over the summer as they continue to train and focus on their autumn goal,

"The ironic thing about the marathon being postponed is that I am actually in great shape for it today [March] -  all of our gyms being closed my only option for a workout is to run!" Susie

Who's on the team for the London Marathon 2020? Check out our nine runners including Jamie, above, looking remarkably cool after an 13-mile training run -  sponsor Jamie here.

Rush (left): "I've completed marathons all over the world, including all the famous ones! Each year, THE most important marathon for me is London, because that's when I raise funds for St Michael's Fellowship." Sponsor Rush here

Ahu: "Please help me in fundraising for this great cause - small amounts add up to something amazing." sponsor her here

Helen: "This year I will be 60 years of age and I'm grateful to have been surrounded by a family whose support and encouragement throughout my life has enabled me to indulge my love of sport and running in particular." Helen

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