Cook-Up goes Virtual

Cook-up young parents group has gone virtual during lock-down.

Food is one of the best ways we find to bring people together. So when Co-vid 19 hit and we had to stop our groups we were devastated. 

Anthea who runs our Cook-Up sessions was quick to look for other alternatives. When Lock-down began she was offering her clients 121 cooking sessions based on what ingredients they had in their cupboard. 

Here she talks about how Lock-down has affected some of the young parents she works with and how she is trying to help them. 



Over the weeks the sessions have been developing. Last week, Anthea and Lorraine did a double Cook-Up session and plan to make the group bigger in the coming weeks. Its incredible how our teams have taken on the challenge of making sure the parents we work with don't feel abandoned and are doing their best to keep in contact during Lock-down. You can get a flavour for it in the clip below.



If you know any young parents that would benefit from extra support from our teams please get in touch and make a referral. 



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