Channel Swim for St Michael's

Channel Swim in July

"It all began two years ago - we'd swum the Serpentine, numerous rivers, a couple of Lakes, and many many Lido's. But could we go bigger and better, challenge ourselves a bit more, and raise some money in the process?"

Five friends are swimming the Channel in a relay for five different charities - and Tina has chosen her local charity, St Michael's Fellowship. Make a donation here.

Why a relay?

"More people have climbed Everest than swum the Channel solo. We are doing it in a relay – the swimming is hard, it’s cold, it’s long, it’s a busy shipping channel, not to mention the jellyfish and seasickness. To be honest it is really scary. We’ve been training for almost two years and in July we will be having a go. We are raising money for five charities, big and small, and have picked them carefully so every stroke counts."

"What's in a name? Les cinq Doris ...?

"In Greek mythology Doris was a Sea Nymph; Franglais the Five Doris’s and bingo."

Er, yes. 

Track the swim

Here is a film of the team's swimming journey.  It will be updated regularly and during the swim you can track the swimmers live. Donate here. 

What would you like as main media?: