Caring dads look at listening to and praising your child

The one thing a dad on our Caring Dads Programme wanted to change last week was how much he uses his phone in front of his child. 

This is something that a lot of parents struggle with and that lots of children complain about.

But phones are everywhere and used for so much, it can be hard to create boundaries.

Caring dads - the power of listening 

This dad’s challenge led really nicely into a session on our Caring Dads programme about listening to and praising our children. The group of dads observed a role play. One ‘brave volunteer’ dad played a child, trying to tell his father about a tough day at school. A facilitator played his dad, distracted by the TV, not listening properly and giving unwanted advice like ‘stand up for yourself!’  

Using role play to learn

Elaine, who has run lots of Caring Dads programmes explained that this kind of role playing can have a huge impact on those taking part. "I once worked with a dad who was so affected by the role play, he found it difficult to be normal with the facilitator who had role-played the father. Although, it didn't last long and they talked about why that was; The experience had taken him back to being a little boy and unlocked feelings he had not had for a long time. It made him realise the impact of his own father’s behaviour on his feelings. But, most importantly it helped him to reflect on how well he listens to his own children (and his children’s mother.)." 

We are at week 8 in this Caring Dads programme and getting good feedback from the dads taking part. 

Would you like to refer someone

If you know a dad who would benefit from this course, please refer them to us and we will put them on a waiting list for the next programme. There is more information on our webiste or you can ring and talk to Elaine about the programme 020 8835 9570

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