Caring Dads is back

Our Caring Dads programme is now open to both younger and older dads in Lambeth.

It starts on Wednesday 30th Jan and runs for 17 weeks. This programme is now FULL but referrals can be accepted for the next group (start date TBC). The programme is currently free for all dads living in Lambeth and for fathers of children living in Lambeth. 

What is Caring Dads?

Caring Dads is a proven and evidence based programme which was developed in Canada by a men’s practitioner and a children’s psychologist. They recognised that they were working with the sons of men who had previously attended their partner abuse programmes. Caring Dads was  designed to break this cycle. The programme has been changing children's lives across the world for over 10 years. In this regard the programme is entirely compatible with the current Public Health Prevention Approach to ending violence.

The sessions are designed to help fathers develop stronger relationships with their children. It helps them understand how controlling, abusive and neglectful behaviours towards children, and their mothers, can affect children. It also give dads the opportunity to better understand how their own life experience of being fathered have impacted on them. 

"At Caring Dads I’ve become aware of many things people my age aren’t aware of and has been a great positive impact on me as I used to be quite a negative person. But now I have learnt I need to meet my daughter’s needs and how I can improve on this. Every word that the project worker says in our sessions is always constructive towards me being a better parent instead of being lectured on what we’re doing wrong. I can tell you that every other parent that goes to Caring Dads enjoys the sessions and the knowledge they gain,"  dad who took part in Caring Dad programme at St Michaels. 

Who is running Caring Dads? 

Elaine, our outreach manager, will be running the next programme alongside Tony, who is an experienced facilitator. They are both qualified social workers having worked with men for over 20 years in both statutory and voluntary sectors. Elaine previously lectured in Social Work at Kingston University and both Tony and Elaine are accredited trainers for Caring Dad's facilitators.

Their combined skills will make for a targeted intervention for change. 

Elaine said:

"I am really looking forward to putting this programme back into action, it can be the catalyst for changing children's lives for the better and breaking negative cycles that can go back generations. It's a great opportunity for social workers to provide extra support to families and to engage fathers in meaningful work around their critical role in their children’s wellbeing, safety and future life chances."

Want to refer someone onto Caring Dads?

If you would like to refer someone onto the Caring Dads programme or would like any more information please contact or call 020 8835 9570

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