Maxine's Story

Maxine when we met her

Maxine is an 18-year old mother with a seven month old daughter. Maxine was a looked after child because her mother was an alcoholic who neglected and harmed her. As a young adolescent, Maxine was sexually exploited by older men and had poor mental health. She was a heavy cannabis user. Before her baby was born, Maxine suffered domestic violence from the father and her baby was placed on a child protection plan.

At the mother and baby unit, Maxine’s keyworker from St Michael’s referred her for parenting support, addressing domestic violence and returning to education. Her keyworker visited her at home regularly to give support around benefits, career, support groups, purchasing essential baby equipment, registering the birth and emotional support.

Maxine now

  • has two AQAs  ‘Understanding Parenthood’, ‘Sequence of the developing foetus’, ‘The effects of drugs and alcohol on the developing foetus’
  • has registered her baby at a local at children’s centre and receives child benefit
  • breastfed her baby
  • attends a local group for young parents
  • is receiving appropriate benefits
  • has a grant for a cot, high chair and other household items.
  • has started attending a peer support group around domestic abuse

A newly self-confident Maxine has referred herself to the Lullaby Trust peer education programme and trained to become a peer educator on safe sleep for babies.

Her happy baby was crawling confidently at six months. Maxine says , “I am hoping to study social economics at university and St Michaels is helping me look at loans and study options.”


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