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This newsletter is our chance to link-up with like minded people - passionate about changing children's lives.

Times are tough and we know people are stretched financially and for time. By joining our St Michael’s Fellowship family we can help you stay informed on issues around child protection and how austerity is affecting the familes we work with. It will also give us a way to call on you, if we think you might be able to help us in some way. 

We want to...

Show you some of the powerful work our teams do with disadvantaged children and their parents.

Our job is to help parents become the best parents they can be. To build trust and inspire change, our teams work really hard with people who have often had traumatic upbringings themselves.

Help you understand the big issues facing young mums and dads

It’s hard to be a new parent at any age but for young parents on low incomes in a city plagued with high rents and childcare costs it can be overwhelming.

Tell you how you can help

Sometimes we are looking for donations of goods, like baby equipment and nearly new clothes. Other times it could be food or nappies to help struggling families or looking for volunteers to support our work.

Give you a heads up on any challenges to help us raise money

Every year we cheer on our marathon runners and cyclists they raise thousands of pounds by stretching themselves to their very limits.


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