Free Safety Equipment

child playing with electric socket

Parents of 0-5 year olds in Lambeth and Southwark can receive some free safety equipment through St Michael's. 

Children develop and grow rapidly.  From tiny babies to rolling, crawling and toddling,  different stages cause different risks. The most common reason for young children to visit A&E is an accident from climbing and falling out of a window. We can send someone to fit window locks. We can also provide smoke alarms, stair gates, safety locks and anti slip bath mats.

Someone can come to assess the home to identify potential risks to children - and St Michael's will then provide safety aids and information to reduce these risks.

In the last year, the St Michael's team carried out 48 home safety assessments and, working with Lambeth Family Nurse Parntership, distributed safety equipment to 70 households. The 200+ pieces of safety equipment included safety gates, bath mats, night lights, corner cushions and socket covers as well as home safety packs. 

To find out more contact us by email or phone 020 8835 9570 and ask to speak to a member of the Outreach team. 

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