Eco Update

Following our Eco Audit in 2016 carried out by 3Acorns consultancy, we've been working with our landlords to reduce the carbon footprint at the houses we lease for our residential family assessments. 

The houses in question are large Victorian family homes; handsome, spacious and designed long before triple glazing or loft insulation. People were accustomed to much lower temperatures indoors than we find acceptable today. (The recommended room temperature for rooms where a baby is sleeping is 16-20°C. )

One house is owned by Viridian Housing and these are the measures they are currently carrying there:

  • Installed Radfleks behind external wall radiators (this will increase thermal comfort of property and decrease heating bills by reflecting heat back into the property)
  • Provided residents with LED bulbs (most energy efficient light bulbs that will last 20 years)
  • Installed an Eco Water shower head (this adds air to the flow decreasing the amount of water consumed)
  • Installed flush a loo crystals for the toilet cistern (this will decrease the amount of water consumed after every flush)
  • Arranging for the front door and letterbox to be draught proofed (this will decrease the cool draughts entering from the front of the property and increase thermal comfort)

Viridian has also left information on energy saving for residents and staff and will survey the loft for the potential of loft insulation. 


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