Young Fathers

I never intended to have a child or be a young father but  St. Michael’s has helped me learn and achieve things I never thought was possible for me. (Jermaine)


I received one-to-one support where I could express how I felt and tell the young fathers worker what other support I felt I needed. I also spoke to other fathers about their experiences. 

I think the whole aspect of empowerment helps a lot. To be offered a range of services and support, making choices about what you feel you need, and then making the most of it - that's important.

St. Michael’s Fellowship has been that platform young fathers need to make things that much easier in a short amount of time. 




The help and support I received included getting into employment plus handling problems in different areas through tackling conflict within my family home, something that I was not very good at before. My kids are the ones who I feel have received the most benefit.  

My life has changed dramatically since I was introduced to St. Michael's, in ways that will stay with me for the rest of my days. To me it is a heaven-sent organisation. At one of the most distressing moments of my life, I was given the opportunity to do community based work with young people through the project, something I always pictured myself being able to do but never thought possible.





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