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"Parenting is the biggest single factor affecting children’s wellbeing and development."

(Public Health England)

St Michael’s Fellowship works with parents to improve the lives and futures of disadvantaged children and their families. Our work has national impact. We are a local charity with an office in Streatham. But our experience and skills are recognised by those working with children and families across the country.

We  have three services to help families change their lives: family assessments and support in residency; ‘Jigsaw’, a family contact service to rebuild family relationships; and outreach to young parents in Lambeth.

We aim to break intergenerational cycles of poverty and underachievement so that children may be healthy, confident and financially independent citizens. 

“If there’s a parent in you, they’ll find it!” parent.

Working with young parents and their children in Lambeth 


How we work

We work holistically, offering parents practical, therapeutic and emotional support that is tailored to their individual needs and takes account of their changing circumstances. There is no 'one size fits all'. Our support may be relatively straightforward, such as helping a young mother update her CV. Or it may be much more complex, offering a wide range of support and agency contact for a young parent with issues reaching back into their own childhood. 

The Need for Our Work

Parents may be very young; have mental health issues or learning difficulty; have little in the way of support networks from family or friends. They may have experienced violence or abuse, from within their families and from partners. They may have had previous children removed. Without skilled support, they are unable to care for and nurture their children. These children in turn grow up with no knowledge of how to parent and so the cycle continues.

The cost to the public purse is huge. Every child taken into care costs society nearly £50,000 a year. This sum spirals when longer term outcomes for the family, including subsequent children, are considered.

You can read about the impact of our work here. 

Our annual accounts and the trustees' report are available from the Charity Commission website. 


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