Marathon runners from the hills

Jens and James, pictures, swung by to visit us in the week before the marathon. 

Having trained since October up and down the hills of Bristol, they're both thrilled that the London Marathon route is much flatter. 

It's a first marathon for both of them and they're looking forward to Sunday 23rd with an equal mix of excitement and trepidation. The aim is 'just' to finish, although, as Jens tells it, "if I'm passed by a giant rhino, I'm probably running a bit too slowly."

Introducing our 2017 London Marathon runners

It is 66 days to go until the London Marathon and our marathon team have well and truly begun training and fundraising. We have been lucky enough to get to know some of the members of our team.



Imogen, a staff member, is running the London Marathon for St Michael’s. Imogen came to visit us in head office with some delicious cakes and biscuits as part of her fundraising.

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Ways to fundraise

Life wouldn't be worth it without supporting you guys.

(Rush has run the London Marathon for us 12 times!)

Whether it's a marathon or a cake sale, a dinner or work challenge, there are hundreds of ways you can raise money for us, and we're grateful for them all.