young fathers

"Like walking into a trap"

It can feel like they are walking into traps

“Their attitude is a habit, can I put it that way?  It’s hard to change a habit, to change your whole way of thinking and way of talking. And then you walk into these professional meetings where they are judging everything. From the way you smell,  the way you look, the way you talk, your posture, the way you present yourself, how sincere you are sounding, or not.“

An Intern's experience at our Young Parents Group

As an intern, it was my first time attending the weekly young parents group run by St. Michael's at Brockwell Park.

After an early morning trip to Tesco to pick up ingredients to feed 20, we headed over to Brockwell Park’s One O’Clock Club. The stereotypes of young parents portrayed in the media as anti-social and disorderly swirled in my mind. One look around the children’s centre made me realise I was deceived.

Expectant Dad Roland

How St Michael's helped an anxious first time expectant dad to overcome his problems.

Roland was referred to St. Michael’s by the Teenphase Midwifery service.  His partner Sophie was four months pregnant. Neither of them was in full-time employment or education.

This was Roland’s first child and the pregnancy was unplanned.

An anxious time 

At first, Roland avoided phone calls and messages but his partner Sophie persuaded him that St Michael’s might be able to help.

Young dad - John's Story

John is 18 and a young dad. He has a four-month baby. He’s separated from the 18-year old mother because of his domestic violence.

His child was the subject of a child protection plan under the category of neglect, initially as an unborn child when John assaulted his four-week pregnant partner.

John lives with his mother and his two younger siblings. John’s father did not play an active role in his life but he has vivid recollections of his father when he was young, and the domestic violence he and his mother were subjected to.  

Young fathers

Here are some of the young fathers from Lambeth talking about the help they recieved from St Michael's Fellowship, they explain waht difference our young parent practictioners made to their lives. 

I never intended to have a child or be a young father but  St. Michael’s has helped me learn and achieve things I never thought was possible for me. (Jermaine)