Phil Saville - a marathon support

In celebration of Phil Saville who died recently

We were contacted by Phil's son who found our details in his father's bulging address book and wanted to know more about the connection.

Phil, seen above in training, was a long term supporter of St Michael's and many other charities. He completed five London Marathons between 1998 and 2004, and dozens more shorter races and fun runs, raising thousands of pounds for his chosen charities at home and overseas. He ran the London Marathon for us in 2004 and went on to recruit several more runners from his local club to run for us in the following years. This includes runners who have themselves recruited runners for us. So Phil has gifted us with two generations of runners.   

And his support wasn't limited to running. In 2005, Phil hosted an important event at Lloyds, London, for policy makers. This provided an important platform for us to explain how our work with parents improves outcomes for children. 

Famously determined, Phil battled various injuries and saw off many threats to his running.  In 2009 he was told, following knee surgery, that his running career was over. In 2012 he completed the full distance (26.2 miles) in stages at his local sports centre's 2012 Gym Challenge. When he could no longer run longer distances, he took up cycling. 

Please support one of our London Marathon 2018 runners in honour of Phil's work for us. 

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