Favourite apps for supporting parents with learning difficulties

Tech is offering the parents we work with even more ways to learn about child development, parenting skills and to build their confidence.  

Hannah, the Deputy Manager, at our Residential Assessment House that specialises in supporting parents with learning difficulties, tells us about some of her favourites:

Where parents need help understanding child development…

Baby Buddy by Best Beginnings

“This is one of our favourites. It’s free and accessible and has been especially created for parents with learning difficulties. In fact, St Michael’s parents were involved in the development consultations.  Parents personalise the app and will get information targeted to them and their child. It’s got easy to read formats and read aloud options, which is brilliant for parents who struggle to read. Parents can also watch videos and look up meaning of words via the in app dictionary.”

Baby Sparks

“While much of the content needs to be paid for, it gives parents access to information and videos around how to play with their baby. This helps them support each area of their child’s development. It breaks development down into chunks, so that parents can understand the different areas like speech, fine, and gross motor skills. It also gives information around milestones and can be customised to offer a tailored programme of activities.”


Help with singing and reading…

PBS Parents Play and Learn

“This is a great app, with a simple layout and bright graphics. It also gives parents different ideas for activities they can do with their children.”


Nursey Rhymes and Sing and sign

“We also use several apps that promote singing and reading, including nursery rhyme apps that have music and songs for parents to sing along to.”


Helping parents with their own literacy issues…

iPad or ClaroSpeak

“For parents who struggle with reading we can either use the iPad read aloud facility or ClaroSpeak where documents can be uploaded and read aloud - particularly useful for daily sheets and reports.”

Dragon Dictation

“This allows parents to talk into the iPad with the app typing their comments up - we’ve used this where parents lack confidence in writing to offer feedback for their placement reviews.”


Helping parents relax and stay calm…

Headspace, Smiling Mind and Stop, Breathe & Think

“To support with learning relaxation techniques we promote a few different wellbeing apps. They offer free simple guided mindfulness and meditation. If you want to take this a step further additional resources and tailored programmes can be bought. For example, Headspace has meditation targeted at children or programmes looking at issues like learning to stay focused.”



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