Support Our Runners

It's coming up to that time of year again...

The London Marathon!

This year's marathon will be on Sunday 28th April; click on our 2019 runners' names to read more about their training on their fundraising pages...

Pete and Andy

Two friends from South London are teaming up to run the marathon.

"Anyone who knows us knows that

1. We will give this the best we can give and

2. Neither of us are physically in great shape."





Nicky, based locally has chosen St. Michael's Fellowship after volunteering with us.


London Marathon 2019 image 2

"I've visited and done some volunteering here with GoodGym and witnessed the amazing work they do first-hand. It's a cause very close to my heart and I'm really excited to support them in this way."






"I have always wanted to take on the challenge of the historic London Marathon. It will no doubt be an arduous and emotional journey (!) both physically and mentally. An almighty personal challenge. I feel proud to be running for such a cause.

See you at the finish line."  

Charlotte is fundraising with brothers George and Dave MacKenzie and her friend Alex.


Follow Matt's training journey before the big day on his instagram: @mgomarathon19.


"So, for some crazy reason I have decided to run the London Marathon this year. [...] I am not a natural runner, so this is definitely a massive challenge for me!"


Duncan was 'nudged' into running by our Finance Director - "I have never run a marathon before and at present anticipate that I will never run one again."  

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