One of our practioners, Sheila tells us how she thinks donations of secondhand phones and laptops could help some of our parents. She also talk about how the epidemic has changed the way we approach parents. 

How has it been digitally reaching out to those we help?

This is difficult because there is a need for the recipient to have good reception and equipment. However,  those who may not have been able to physically attend groups in the past are now happy to connect from the comfort of their homes.

How have our support groups been affected as a result of Covid-19?

We have to rely on what the client tells you about their situation and ‘home visits’ are limited to what the client is willing to show you during a video call.

We have to consider how the delivery of the sessions will affect the children. We are not always able to cover particular subjects because of children being present, as we now have no creche.


How can our supporters help our support groups right now? 

Fundraising or sponsoring a family for poorer households to have access to computers and an internet connection. Donate a laptop or tablet or phone for an identified young family being supported by outreach.


How has it been working from home?

As a team, we have been really supportive of each other because working from home can be quite isolating. In some ways, we are more accessible to clients as there is no travel time between them, we are also saving money this way.

It can be challenging to ask family members to leave the room for privacy when holding meetings and it is difficult to maintain a work / home balance.


Beyond Covid

The epidemic has shown how effectively and efficiently working from home can be.  I would invite St Michael's to allow more flexibility in its approach to the working practice of outreach.  We have worked in a way to ensure that distractions are minimal and client contact can be optimised.

The epidemic has highlighted what is happening on the ground so we will need continued support to address the various needs of our client group. 

We want to thank all our supporters who helped our parents continue to receive support by donating technology. 

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