Congratulations London 2021 Runners!

Congratulations to our five London Marathon Runners

Our five runners all completed the London Marathon on Sunday 3 October. Seasoned distance runner Rob (pictured) says: 

"It was a great day and a pleasure to run for St Michael’s Fellowship! Thank you for the opportunity."

Tom, who starts a new job on Monday ("You'll be crawling into your first day with us...!") says: 

"I didn’t really have a time in mind, but given a few niggles I’ve had I’m pretty happy with that time!" (4.01.18) 

Veteran runner Rush commented, "Mission accomplished, bring on 2022." (!!)

Roxana, who went from 'zero to hero' (in running terms) during lockdown, says:

"Thank you so much for giving me the chance to run for you. I loved the running vest and I loved supporting your cause."

But arguably the award for Most Valuable Player goes to Ahu, who managed to complete the course even after injury:

"I’m afraid I pulled a muscle and sprained my ankle during the run around the 23rd km mark so I had to hobble/walk/slow run the rest of it which was disappointing but I managed to finish it (albeit an hour later than I had anticipated to finish but that doesn’t matter much)." 

Ahu and all our runners are still fundraising so you can support their brilliant achievements by clicking the links. 

Thank you to all our runners, their families, friends and supporters. 

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