Residential Family Assessment

room in St Michael's house

"The placement offered security, safety and professional assessment to enable my family to be able to work to demonstrate the ability to meet their child’s needs and safeguard her appropriately. The child returned home in the care of her parents due to the intensive work completed with them to get them to face their limitations and appropriately address them."  Children's Guardian

Residential family assessment and support provides the most intensive level of support to safeguard children where there is greater risk to the child.

Our assessments take place at four large houses with gardens in south London. Families live their daily lives within the centre, caring for their child(ren), cooking, cleaning, shopping, attending appointments. Each family has an individual programme.

After intensive, independent assessment within an agreed period, typically six to 12 weeks, we offer an expert opinion and recommend what continuing support may be needed for parents to meet their child's needs. 

We foster a relationship of respect and trust with the families we work with. We are honest and clear about what must change. We believe this ethos, and the skill and dedication of staff, is why parents may gain insights and change entrenched neglectful or abusive behaviour. 

“I was really scared when I first came as I had been somewhere like this before and I had my baby took off me. This place is so much nicer and you were honest with me. You lot told me what to do and I did it. Now I can leave with my kid and start a new life together.”  Mother

However, we do not prolong assessments where it is clear that a parent is unable to meet their child’s needs or to make the necessary changes. 

We also recognise that other services may be required to support a family in the community. Staff may also provide post assessment work to ensure continuity for the family. 

We accept referrals from local authorities. Please note we do not accept emergency referrals.

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